About me

I'm a passionate UI/UX Designer who loves creating great user experiences on Web, iOS and Android. I design but also code a bit - hence the name 'to sider' which means 'two sides'. Need me for a project? Send me an e-mail: pa@tosider.dk


Driversnote - App Store Video

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Driversnote Screenshots

Driversnote - App Store Screenshots

Made screenshots for US, UK, CA and DK


SkinBid.com - Website & Logo

Designed the entire website

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Aventures - Logo & Identity

Made logo and identity

Oldboys Website

Oldboys.gg - UI Improvements

Several UI improvements for the entire platform.

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Transloadit Website

Transloadit.com - Website

Frontpage and several other UI improvements

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Listen to News - App Store Video

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Issuu Reading Experience

Issuu - Reading Experience

Designed issuu.coms new reader.

Issuu Android App

Issuu - Android App

Redesigned the Issuu Android app.

Issuu iOS App

Issuu - iOS App

Redesigned the Issuu iOS app

Sportmonda.dk - Design jeres eget holdsæt


Website, Logo, Co-Founder

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SocialSizes.io - Image and Video sizes for Social Media


Side-project, ~100.000 visitors in 2021

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Glassmate.dk - Glasvægge og glasdøre


Logo & Website

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Issuu iOS App

That's me.

I'd love to tell you more about my role in these projects.

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