About me

I'm a passionate UI/UX Designer who loves creating great user experiences on Web, iOS and Android. I design but also code a bit - hence the name 'to sider' which means 'two sides'. Need me for a project? Send me an e-mail: pa@tosider.dk


Driversnote - App Store Video

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Driversnote Screenshots

Driversnote - App Store Screenshots

Made screenshots for US, UK, CA and DK


SkinBid.com - Website & Logo

Designed the entire website

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Aventures - Logo & Identity

Made logo and identity

Oldboys Website

Oldboys.gg - UI Improvements

UI improvements for the entire platform.

Transloadit Website

Transloadit.com - Website

Frontpage, Landingpages and UI improvements

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Listen to News - App Store Video

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Issuu Reading Experience

Issuu - Reading Experience

Designed issuu.coms new reader.

Issuu Android App

Issuu - Android App

Redesigned the Issuu Android app.

Issuu iOS App

Issuu - iOS App

Redesigned the Issuu iOS app

Sportmonda.dk - Design jeres eget holdsæt


Co-Founder, Website & Logo

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SocialSizes.io - Image and Video sizes for Social Media

SocialSizes.io / SocialImageMaker.io

Side-project, ~140.000 visitors in 2021

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GodeRestauranter.dk - Restauranter København


Side-project, ~15.000 visitors in 2022

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Peter Assentorp

That's me.

I'd love to tell you more about my role in these projects.

I've done work for

Coop Danmark, Karnov Group, Sundhed.dk, Rigsarkivet, Listen to News, Driversnote.com, Rackbuddy.dk, DiningSix.dk, Glassmate.dk, Transloadit.com, NoA Ignite, Bladkompagniet, Kiggit, LasseSkov Event, The Aventures Fund, ShareWine.com, SkinBid.com, Altinget.dk, Amalo.dk

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